Dr. Ramona does these often in her practice and only uses the highest quality of B12 and other vitamins. These injections are used as a part of her weight loss program, but also can be used for fatigue, insomnia, stress, irritability, PMS symptoms, anxiety, depression, poor memory and concentration, and any kind of nerve symptom such as numbness and tingling, or peripheral neuropathy.

Certain populations have a higher need for B12 such as Diabetics, vegetarians and vegans, patients with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s disease, and the elderly because they lose their ability to produce intrinsic factor in their stomach lining, which decreases the amount of vitamin B12 they can absorb through their diet. Certain medications will also require the patient to supplement with vitamin B12 and folic acid.

Benefits of B12 can include improved energy, sleep, moods, memory, focus and concentration, as well as weight loss, decreased perception of stress, decreased PMS symptoms and decreased nerve symptoms.