Ramona prescribes vitamins and supplements from professional lines, and these are lines that she knows and trusts. She has been using these products since 2006 and has seen great results in her patients with these products. With experience, she has narrowed down the range of supplements she prescribes to the ones that she gets the highest levels of success with in her patients.

Professional grade supplements are held to a high standard of quality and are rigorously tested for their contents to ensure they are safe. They are usually free of gluten, soy, corn, eggs and other highly allergenic contents and have a greater potency of their medicinal ingredients.

By prescribing professional grade supplements to you, Dr. Ramona doesn’t have to question the quality of the supplements you are ingesting and doesn’t waste your time or money on supplements that are of poor quality. You can rest assured that what you are ingesting is of the highest quality and has led to great results in Dr. Ramona’s patients since 2006.