Naturopathic Vitality Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic

Thank you Dr. Charikar for your excellent care and excellent counselling. Conventional treatment for hand eczema left them with painful open sores and cracks unresolved after months of oral chemotherapy drugs that made me very ill. The eczema is now well managed, no more painful sores and the quality of my life has been restored!

I have been seeing Dr. Ramona since 2010 where we have done food sensitivity testing, Bowen therapy and acupuncture. I have a very busy lifestyle with many stresses and I was having many troubles with chronic pain, digestion, hormones, and mystery food sensitivities. She has helped me immensely and I would not hesitate to recommend her!   She is caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and really wants to help people. My kids love her too!

Dr. Ramona is one of the best Naturopathic Doctors I know. I have been seeing her for quite a few years and she has helped me a great deal. I have severe asthma and she started me with acupuncture and it is the only thing that helps me keep my lungs clear. I have gone from being bed ridden in the fall and spring to being able to stay on my feet throughout both seasons and the asthma symptoms are greatly reduced and the asthma is more controlled. I can’t thank her enough. She helped me and she can help you too

I’ve been going to Dr. Ramona since 2008. With Acupuncture and Naturopathic recommendations, she has treated me through pre and post menopausal symptoms. The energy I receive from her treatments has helped renew my personal growth and well being. She is professional, knowledgeable, intelligent, compassionate and caring. I strongly recommend this amazing doctor!

Ramona is knowledgeable and very professional. She has helped me with my energy levels, my digestion and managing my immune system through the use of acupuncture, diet and supplements. Her office is clean and peaceful. I highly recommend her.

Ramona has treated me for 3 years with amazing results! If it weren’t for her help and compassion I wouldn’t be where I am today. I would recommend her acupuncture and naturopathic skills to anyone looking for an organic way to heal from within.

I have seen Dr. Ramona for naturopathic medicine and acupuncture for many years. She has helped my back, helped me sleep and helped with digestion. I highly recommend her!

I absolutely love my visits with Dr. Charikar. She is so attentive and knowledgeable! She has really helped me improve my physical and mental health.

Dr. Ramona is a miracle worker! I suffered for 17 years with dizzy spells where I couldn’t walk for days. It wasn’t vertigo and doctors could not figure out what was wrong. I also had issues with being so tired all the time. Again no tests I did with my family doctor showed anything. One visit to Dr. Ramona and it was all figured out! Felt so much better. She also helped with my morning sickness with my second child. Went away and I felt fine! You will not regret seeing her. It will save you a lot of money in the long run and she genuinely cares about helping you. Her vitamins are so pure and she ensures the price is affordable for everyone. You won’t be disappointed!

Ramona is a patient, caring and wonderful doctor and I would recommend her to everyone I know. At each appointment she spends as much time as needed to cover all aspects of my physical and emotional health and then does the necessary treatments. I see Ramona on a regular basis and feel so much better after visiting her. I take the daily supplements she suggests and the acupuncture sessions are a great stress relief. Acupuncture and cupping are also excellent at relieving my chronic back pain. Thank you so much Ramona!

We were one of Dr. Ramona’s first patients when she just graduated and have been seeing her for years now. Our whole family is taking the vitamins she has prescribed and we feel great. Her wonderful personality creates a caring environment to heal, maintain health and prosper. We absolutely love coming to see her.

I have endometriosis, had 3 surgeries, Lupron treatment and what not. Nothing was working and then Dr. Ramona entered in my life and changed it all. Feeling all better and controlled about my problem for last 4 years. Love her and love her treatment so much. She has magic and skillful hands.

Dr. Ramona is great! I went to her for the first time in March for my migraines. She helped me by doing a complete assessment and then treated my migraines with Bowen therapy. I went back to her this past week for some digestive issues. She is helping me with that by monitoring my diet and using probiotics and vitamins. She also started giving me vitamin b12 shots which are amazing and give me some much energy! I am looking forward to seeing her again in 2016.

Dr. Ramona has helped me tremendously over the last few years with the things that ailed me. I was suffering from pain in my hip which was the result of a car accident a few ago, and she did what no one else could. I also have to say that since seeing Ramona, I’ve gone from having multiple hot flashes, to only minor discomfort. I would highly recommend a visit with her to explore your options.

Dr. Ramona identified my issues so quickly where nobody else could. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is frustrated with the health system.

Dr. Ramona is a lovely doctor. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

I have been a patient of Ramona’s for a couple of years now and find her to be as professional as could be. She really loves her work, which is quite apparent in the way that she treats her patients…with great care and respect.

Dr. Ramona is the best naturopath in Calgary. She takes the time to listen and truly cares about her patients

Dr. Ramona is very in tune with me as her patient, helping me with all health situations through acupuncture and herbal supplements.