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Treating Frozen Shoulder with Naturopathic Medicine

Frozen Shoulder is a condition I have treated successfully in the past 10 years in my NW Calgary Naturopathic Medicine practice. Also known as Adhesive Capsulitis, symptoms include pain, stiffness, and decreased range of motion in the shoulder. These symptoms can occur after a period of injury, surgery, or over use, and are caused by the connective tissues surrounding the shoulder joint to stiffen and allow scar tissue to form. This leads to movements of the shoulder being stiff, painful, and limited.

Frozen Shoulder is most commonly seen in patients 40 years of age and older, and more commonly in post-menopausal women.

Treatment of this condition can include pain relieving and anti-inflammatory medications, ice and/or heat, physical therapy, corticosteroid injections, and even surgery.  However Naturopathic Medicine has options for the treatment of this condition as well. Keep reading below for more options!

Bowen Therapy for Frozen Shoulder

Over the past 10 years, Bowen Therapy is the modality I have had the most success with in the treatment of Frozen Shoulder. This is an energetic technique that uses gentle touch along the back, neck, and shoulder, and can treat a variety of conditions. Treatments last between 45 to 60 minutes and are spaced apart weekly. The number of treatments will vary upon the patient. You can read more about Bowen Therapy here and here.

Acupuncture for Frozen Shoulder

This is also a great option for breaking down scar tissue in the shoulder joint and improving stiffness, pain, and range of motion. Points can also be used for stress and sleep as well. Depending on the intensity of the condition, treatments are generally once or twice a week until symptoms improve. You can read more about acupuncture here.

Mesotherapy for Frozen Shoulder

This therapy involves injecting homeopathic solutions under the skin to improve pain and stiffness. These homeopathic solutions can have anti-inflammatory properties that help heal pain and inflammation in the joint capsule and release tight muscle. Treatments are generally twice a week until symptoms improve. You can read more about Mesotherapy here.

Botanical Medicines for Frozen Shoulder

Anti-inflammatory herbs can play a significant role in treating this condition as well. Herbs are chosen based on the patients health history to ensure they do not interact with any other medications or supplements the patient is on. You can read more about Herbs here.


As you can see there is a lot that Naturopathic Medicine has to offer in the treatment of Frozen Shoulder. In addition to the above, I also consider adding Vitamins and Supplements, Diet changes, Lifestyle changes, B12 and Adrenal injections, and much more. Because I am not only treating the physical symptom but the patient in front of me, it is important to consider the impact the condition is having on my patient. Quality of life is impacted, and increased stress, decreased sleep, and impacted mood can all result. By treating my patient overall, as well as the condition, we can achieve better results.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at my NW Calgary Naturopathic Medicine practice if you have any questions about how Naturopathic Medicine can help you.


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