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Treating Hair Loss with Naturopathic Medicine

Hair loss and thinning hair is something I treat commonly in my NW Calgary Naturopathic Medicine practice. It can be caused by a variety of causes, and can be very devastating and scary for the patient. Causes can include hormone imbalances, autoimmune disease, stress, thyroid imbalance, and/or nutrient deficiencies, and much more, and can affect men and women of all ages. The goal of Naturopathic Medicine is to get to the root cause of the hair loss and treat it accordingly. Keep reading below to see what treatments Naturopathic Medicine has to offer patients experiencing this distressing symptom.

Diet and Nutrition for Hair Loss

Diet is very important to address in patients experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. Adequate protein intake is very important, and ensuring protein is eaten throughout the entire day, starting at breakfast. Protein can come from meat, seafood, nuts and seeds, beans, dairy, protein powder, eggs, and more. Healthy fat intake is very important to address as well, from sources such as olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds, and coconut oil. Iron rich foods could also play an important role, if the patient shows iron deficiency on blood work.  Certain nutrients such as Vitamin C can boost iron absorption, while other nutrients such as calcium can block iron absorption. By assessing a patients diet diary and looking at their blood work, I can determine what nutrients can be beneficial in hair growth.


Vitamins and Supplements

Oral supplements are very beneficial for hair growth. Proper quality and dosing of these vitamins are important for the best results. Sometimes if a patient has digestive issues, and/or a lack of hydrochloric acid, then absorption of these vital nutrients can be reduced. If the patient is showing symptoms of low stomach acid or digestive concerns, then I will also address these issues to aid with overall absorption of nutrients both in oral form and through diet. You can read more about professional grade Vitamins and Supplements here.


Stress management

High stress levels, or even recovering from periods of elevated stress, can contribute to hair loss and thinning hair. By talking to my patients about their causes of stress and how it is impacting them, I can prescribe the proper vitamins and herbs to address their stress. I always address lifestyle issues as well, as well as stress management techniques such as exercise, yoga, meditation, and any other technique the patient can use to manage his or her stress levels.



This is a wonderful treatment for hair loss and thinning hair. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, we can address energy deficiencies such as “yin deficiency” or “blood deficiency” which could contribute to hair loss. After doing an assessment of my patient and taking their “tongue and pulse analysis” I can determine which points to use. I also will insert small points into the scalp to aid blood flow to nourish the scalp. Other benefits of acupuncture include addressing hormones, improved energy, digestion, sleep, and moods, and reduced perception of stress. You can read more about Acupuncture here.


Salivary Hormone Testing

Imbalanced hormones can contribute to hair loss, and by testing the patients hormones through saliva, I can determine what these imbalances are. These imbalances can then be treated accordingly by herbs, and/or vitamins and supplements. You can read more about salivary hormone testing here.



This treatment involves the injection of nutrients into the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Sometimes I use this treatment in combination with acupuncture, depending on what the patient wants. Mesotherapy is typically not a first stage of treatment since I tend to get good results with the above therapies, however I have had good results with it as well. You can read more about mesotherapy here.


Treating a medical diagnosis

As I said above, treating the root cause of hair loss and thinning hair underlies all Naturopathic treatment. Therefore addressing a medical diagnosis contributing to hair loss is very important. If it is low thyroid function, iron deficiency, autoimmune disease, etc, then Naturopathic treatment will target that first, perhaps in conjunction with the above treatments. Assessing blood tests are very important for me to determine causes of hair loss as well.


As you can see, there is a lot that Naturopathic Medicine has to offer in the treatment of hair loss and thinning hair.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at my NW Calgary Naturopathic Medicine practice if you have any questions about how I can help you!


Dr. Ramona Charikar BScH, ND

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