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Invest In Yourself

Every individual is completely unique…we are defined by our own thoughts, our own goals, our own perceptions of the world around us, our own unique set of genes passed down to us by our parents….no two humans are the same.

As we go through our busy daily schedules, it is so easy to put ourselves on the back burner and make ourselves the lowest priority. However, above and beyond the daily grind, we all have goals and aspirations for ourselves. These can be physical goals such as getting into shape or eating healthier. Or they can be career goals such as achieving a sales target, or being considered for a promotion to a higher position at work. They can even be spiritual goals such as how to be more happy on a regular basis.

Self-care on all levels is vital to optimizing our physical and mental health and it is important that we dedicate time towards ourselves and invest in ourselves.

When I am working with my patients as a Naturopathic Doctor, I want to address all these levels of health in order to optimize health and wellness and help people achieve their life goals.

What are some of the ways you can invest in yourself physically? Our health is our greatest wealth and we need to protect it and invest in it so we can preserve it. Take care of any niggling symptoms that have been concerning you, see your medical doctor, your naturopathic doctor or your massage therapist. Preventing illness is a lot easier than treating illness, and treating illness in its earlier stages is easier than treating a chronic issue. Address issues as they arise rather than letting them build up…you are worth it!

Other ways to invest in yourself physically would be to take a new class you’ve wanted to try such as a yoga class, a boot camp, a new martial arts class, a pilates class….even taking a walk outside daily in the summer or investing in a gym membership for yourself is a great idea.

Eating healthy is always a great way to invest in yourself, by taking some time every week to do a healthy grocery shop and do some food prep by cutting up healthy fruits and vegetables so healthy snacking options are always available. Meal planning also helps so its easier to cook a healthy dinner after work rather than running out and picking up something premade or fast food.

How about investing in yourself mentally and emotionally?

So many of us take care of ourselves physically but don’t take time to weed through the thoughts in our mind and address our mental health and our emotions. How is your support group of friends and family? Do you have people in your life that you feel you can talk to and gather support from when needed?

When is the last time you did something that made your truly happy? Something that made you feel joy, that “filled your tank”? These are things that give us a time out from our daily stresses, that bring you back to center and nourish and rejuvenate you. These things are very important in self car. Even simple pleasures, such as relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea for 10 minutes, can make a difference in your day. Think of things that bring you joy and make time in your schedule for these things. You are worth it!

Long-term goals you have for yourself are also a great way to invest in yourself. Some people want to run a marathon and train for it. Some people want to learn a new language. When is the last time you did something to improve yourself? Self-growth is vital in our lives. Setting goals for ourselves and taking time to evaluate our progress on these goals enable us to focus on something bigger picture and to put our energy towards something positive.

These ways of investing in yourself can help you elevate yourself and optimize yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Overall by investing in yourself you can be a better parent, partner, employee and friend to others. Invest in yourself….you are worth it!

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